Military Ranger Patches History

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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein

Used by permission

75th Ranger Inf patch
75th Ranger Inf

75th Ranger Rgt patch
75th Ranger Rgt

1st Bn 75th Inf Airborne patch
1st Bn 75th Inf Abn

1st Ranger Bn patch
1st Ranger Bn

2nd Bn 75th Inf Abn patch
2nd Bn 75th Inf (Abn)

2nd Ranger Bn patch
2nd Ranger Bn

3rd Ranger Bn patch
3rd Ranger Bn


Organized 1 January 1969 and worn from that date as the Seventy-fifth Infantry Regiment until 14 August 1986.

Re-organized:  1 July 1984 as the Seventy-fifth Infantry (Ranger) Regiment and worn from 14 August 1986 - Current.

Effective on 3 February 1986, all ranger battalions were consolidated and re-designated as the Seventy-fifth Ranger Regiment.  The shoulder-sleeve insignia which was worn at this time may be found on this plate.  The new insignia was a scroll with the inscription "75 Ranger Infantry," which was re-inscribed "75 Ranger Regiment."  The re-designation was effective 14 February 1986.  Prior to the approval of the First Battalion scroll and the Second Battalion scroll, those units wore scrolls with the inscription "1st and 2d Battalion Ranger Airborne 75th Infantry," which were unauthorized.

Worn from:  14 August 1986 - Current.

Worn from:  26 July 1984 - Current.

Worn from:  26 July 1984 - Current.

Worn from: 
26 July 1984 - Current.

The scroll design of the "Ranger" insignias in the colors black, scarlet, and white was approved during World War II for all Ranger Battalions.  The shoulder-sleeve insignia authorized in 1975 for the Seventy-fifth Infantry was canceled in 1984 and the scroll design insignia were authorized for the Seventy-fifth Ranger Regiment and Battalions.

Campaigns:  World War II (India-Burma, Central Burma), Vietnam (Counteroffensive Phases VI and VII, Tet/69 Counteroffensive, Summer-Fall 1969, Winter-Spring 1970, Sanctuary Counteroffensive, Consolidation I and II, Cease-fire), Armed Forces Expeditions (Grenada, Panama).

75th Ranger Rgt Comm patch 2
75th Ranger Rgt Comm

1st Ranger Bn Comm  patch 2
1st Ranger Bn Comm

2nd Ranger Bn Comm patch2
2nd Ranger Bn Comm

3rd Ranger Bn Comm patch2
3rd Ranger Bn Comm

These four patches are unauthorized but have been around since 1983 and are still currently worn.

75th Ranger Rgt Jacket patch
75th Ranger Rgt
Jacket Patch

Unauthorized but have been around since 1983 and are still currently worn.  This path dates back to August 1989. 

Ranger Training patch
Ranger Training

This patch has been worn with the approval of local authorities from 1985 to the present.