Military Commands Patches

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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein
Used by permission

N. Africa TO patch

N. Africa TO

Worn from:  16 September 1943 - December 1947.

The design of the insignia, approved in 1943, is in the shape of a Moorish arch, symbolizing the area of operation.  Red, white, and blue are the national colors of the United States. 

USA Forces Guam patch

USA Forces Guam

Worn from:  August 1944 - 4 Augusts 1946.

Approved for local wear only.

The design is the seal of the territory of Guam.

Marianas Bonins Cmd patch

Marianas Bonins Cmd

Worn from:  4 August 1946 - 1956.

The design of the insignia, approved in October of 1942, is adapted from the seal of Guam.  The coconut palm tree and turquoise water are symbolic of the islands of the Pacific Ocean where the command was located.



Worn from:  23 June 1947 - 7 November 1952.

Re-designated:  Europe -- United States Army.  Worn from:  7 November 1952 - Current.

A flaming sword symbolizes the use of armed forces to restore freedom.  The rainbow colors represent the Allied forces which, together, bring peace (symbolized by blue sky) to Europe).


Allied Force HQ patch

Allied Force HQ

Worn from:  10 May 1943 - Late 1940's.

The insignia was approved in 1943 for wear by members of Allied Force Headquarters (American and British) and by personnel of separate units assigned to Headquarters Command or Allied Force Headquarters.  The unit's designation is indicated by the letters "SF," and the colors (red, white, and blue) are those of the American and British flags.


GHQ Reserves patch

GHQ Reserves

Worn from:  19 July 1941 - 29 January 1947.

Red, white and blue are the national colors.  The white border represents the reserves.

GHQ Reserves patch 2


Worn from:  26 July 1940 - 29 January 1947.

This version of the design has an outer OD edge.  The patch was approved with and without the OD edge.

GHQ SW Pacific patch

GHQ SW Pacific

Worn from:  19 October 1945 - 29 June 1946.

The patch features a blue waving flag and the letters "GHQ," representing the unit's designation.  Established at Melbourne, Australia on 18 April 1942, SWPA had operational control over all Allied ground, air, and sea forces in the area, including the United States Army units that had been in Australia since 1941.

SHAEF patch


Worn from:  13 December 1944 - 2 August 1945.

The black background represents the Axis powers.  The flaming sword symbolizes the armed strength of the Allies who are represented by the rainbow arc.  The Allies bring peace and restore freedom, depicted by the blue sky above the rainbow.

Exec HQ China patch

Exec HQ China

Worn from:  11 January 1946 - 6 February 1947.

Approved for local wear only.

The three intertwined circles represent the governments of Nationalist China, Communist China, and the United States.  The Chinese characters above refer to the nation of China, also known as the Middle Kingdom.  Contrary to popular belief, the patch was worn by a diplomatic mission and not a military combat unit.