Military Commands Patches

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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein
Used by permission

7th Sve Cmd 3 Patch

 7th Svc Cmd3

Worn from: 
30 June 1941 - 30 June 1946 (Unauthorized).

Headquarters:  Omaha, Nebraska.


8th Sve Cmd Patch

8th Svc Cmd


Worn from:  30 July 1941 - 11 June 1946.

Headquarters:  San Antonio, Texas.  Relocated to Dallas, Texas.

9th Sve Cmd Patch

 9th Sev Cmd

Worn from:  30 July 1941 - 11 June 1946.

Headquarters:  Douglas, Utah.

NW Sve Cmb Patch

 Nw Svc Cmd

Worn from:  23 March 1943 - 30 June 1945.

Headquarters:  Whitehorse, Canada.  Relocated to Edmonton, Canada.

The basic mission of the Command was to operate and maintain the Alaska-Canada (Alcan) Highway from British Columbia to Alaska.  Over 1,600 miles in length, it was built by the United States Army Engineers during World War II.  The colors of the insignia represent the United States and Canada; the construction of the road was a joint American and Canadian effort.  The shape of the insignia simulates a winterized pyramid tent.  The star represents the North Star, and the white center suggests the highway.

AA Cmd Central Def Cmd Patch

AA Cmd,
Central Def Cmd

Worn from:  29 August 1942 - 16 October 1946.

Red is the color for artillery units.  The dual roles of defense and command are represented by the two spears.

AA Cmd Eastern Def Cmd Patch

AA Cmd,
Eastern Def Cmd

Worn from:  9 July 1942 - 16 October 1946.

Three stylized letter "As," and the letter "C" in the center, signify Antiaircraft Artillery Command.  The background is artillery red.

AA Cmd Southern Def Cmd Patch

AA Cmd,
Southern Def Cmd

Worn from:  9 July 1942 - 16 October 1946.

The dual nature of command and defense, in conjunction with the Third Army, is represented by three patterns on an artillery red background.

Alaska Def Cmd Patch

 Alaska Def Cmd

Worn from:  1943 (Unauthorized).

The geographical area is represented by the polar bear, the Big Dipper, and the North Star.

Alaska Def Cmd 2 Patch

Alaska Def Cmd 2

Worn from:  28 March 1941 - 1 November 1943.

Approved for local wear only.

The letters "ADC" represent the command.  The northern lights (aurora borealis) represent the geographical area where the unit was operational.  The seal is native to this area.

USA South Patch

USA South

Worn from:  3 May 1943 - 27 February 1948.

Re-designated:  Caribbean Defense Command.  Worn from:  27 February 1948 - 18 July 1962.

Re-designated:  Southern Command -- United States Army Forces.  Worn from:  18 July 1962 - 20 February 1985.

Re-designated:  South -- United States Army.  Worn from:  20 February 195 - Current.

he ship, or galleon, is the type sailed by Christopher Columbus.  The Maltese cross on the sail was his insignia.  The color blue represents the Caribbean Sea, the area of the command and the area in which Columbus sailed.

Eastern Def Cmd Patch

Eastern Def Cmd

Worn from:  27 November 1943 - 8 July 1946.

Headquarters:  New York, New York.

The major components of the command, artillery, cavalry and infantry, are represented by the colors red, yellow, and blue.  The tridents and waves suggest the sea coast which the command defended.

Hawaiian Coastal Def Patch

 Hawaiian Coastal Def

Worn from:  1942 - 1944.

Approved for local wear only.

The design is of unknown origin.