Military Assistance Patches History

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Information extracted from the book
by Barry Jason Stein
Used by permission

Philippineen Staff patch
Philippine Staff

Worn from:  Late 1940's.

Approved for local wear only.

Below the Philippines scroll is a design incorporating the coat of arms of the Philippines.

USASA patch

Worn from:  2 March 1962 - Late 1970's.

The design depicts the claw of a griffin clutching two lightning bolts.  The griffin symbolizes vigilance while the lightning bolts signify communication and speed.  The black feathers allude to the covert nature of intelligence gathering while blue is the color for Intelligence units. It was organized in March 1941 as the Army Cryptographic School at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, and moved to Fort Devens, Massachusetts, on 15 April 1951 where it became the Army Security Agency School.  It remained there until deacti- vation.  The school's motto is "Vigiles Salutis" (Sentinels of Security).

Defense Neclear Agency patch
Defense Nuclear Agency

Worn from:  Unknown - 12 January 1970.

The design is that of an atomic mushroom cloud bursting above the atomic symbol indicating the unit's mission of nuclear research and development.

Ord MSL Cmd patch
Ord MSL Cmd

Worn from:  15 June 1956 - 1 April 1958.

Re-designated:  Ordnance Missile Command.  Worn from:  1 April 1958 - 9 April 1963.

The design of the patch shows a missile that suggests the nature of the unit's activity and two lightning bolts that represent the electronic guidance systems needed for accurate firing.  Red is the color of air defense while blue alludes to the sky where the missile is employed.

USA AA Cmd patch

Worn from:  25 January 1952 - 12 October 1959.

The design is in the shape of a shield which suggests defense.  The missile was added to the original "AA" design of World War II and denoted the addition of air defense to the command's available weaponry.

Coast Arty Corps patch
Coast Arty Corps

Worn from:  1930's - 12 November 1947.

The red letter "E" stands for excellence in artillery.

Coast Arty Replacement patch
Coast Arty

Worn from:  1942.

The significance of the design is unknown, but the patch depicts the eagle in the seal of the United States with the national colors red, white, and blue.

USA ECAV patch

Worn from:  Unknown.

The inscription on a white bar is the unit's designation.  Red and white are the colors of the engineer branch of service.  The design incorporates the engineer branch of service device superimposed over a map of Vietnam.

Ord Tech Intel Team patch
Ord Tech Intel Team

Worn from:  1945.

The insignia depicts the ordnance branch of service device with the letter "I" for Intelligence superimposed over the bomb.

MIOcc Japan patch
MIOcc Japan

Worn from:  1945 - 1948 (Unauthorized).

Approved for local wear  only.

The sphinx is the symbol of the military intelligence branch of service device, and it suggests wisdom and silence.  Golden yellow and purple are colors associated with intelligence components of the branch.

USA EID patch

Worn from:  1940's.

the black background symbolizes covert operations.  The red castle is the branch of service device and color for engineers.  The letter "I" stands for intelligence.

USACE Lock  and Dam Tender Patch 1st Design

Dam Lock Tender

Worn from:  1950 - 1972.

The design of the patch shows a white castle on a red background.  The castle and colors represent the Engineer Corps.  The blue waves in the shield suggest the inland waterways and dams which the corps operates.