Military Airborne Inf Patches History

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Information extracted from the book "US ARMY PATCHES"  by Barry Jason Stein


551st PIR patch
551st PIR

Worn from: 
November 1942 - February 1945; May 1947 - Unknown (Unauthorized).

The design contains the inscription "Aterrice y Ataque," which, translated from Spanish, means "land and attack."  The green palm tree is symbolic of activities in Panama.  The machete is a jungle weapon.  The red lightning bolt is symbolic of the motto.

Campaigns:  World War II (Rome-Arno, Southern France [with arrowhead], Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, American theater without inscription).

Decorations:  All companies First Battalion entitled to French Croix de Guerre with Silver-Gilt Star (streamer embroidered Draguignan).

555th PIB patch
555th PIB

Worn from:  November 1944 - Late 1940's (Unauthorized).

The design is taken from the original Airborne Command patch, except for the change in color of the tab, and was purported to be worn by all African American unit.  This, however, is open to dispute.


596th Prcht Engr Bn patch
596th Prcht Engr Bn

Worn from:  1950's (Unauthorized).

The origin of the design is unknown.


674th Glider FA BN patch
674th Glider FA Bn

Worn from:  February 1943 - July 1945 (Unauthorized).

The unit was an element of the Eleventh Airborne Division.  The origin of the design is unknown.

674th Abn FA Bn patch
674th Abn FA Bn

Worn from:  June 1949 - February 1951 (Unauthorized).

Assigned to the Eleventh Airborne Division.  Reassigned June 1946 - April 1957 to the 101st Airborne Division.  The design is an embroidered replica of the distinctive insignia of the unit.  The colors red and yellow are for artillery.  The two suns, suggested by the Philippine flag, are used to represent the two decorations awarded the organization for service in the Philippines during World War II.  The pile, in Korean-service-ribbon blue, refers to the sky and, together with the descending parachute and Howitzer, alludes to the nature and airborne classification of the battalion.  The two points symbolize the two parachute jumps made by the organization in Korea.  "Thunder from Above" is the unit's motto.


1st abn TF patch

1st Abn TF

Worn from:  15 July 1944 - 23 November 1944.

This cap patch was worn by personnel participating in the invasion of southern France (Operation Dragoon).  The unit was disbanded immediately thereafter.  The design is based upon the aircraft used to transport paratroopers.

Allied Forces Abn Tng Sicily patch
Allied Forces
Abn Tng Sicily

Worn from:  1943 - Unknown.

The initials "AF" stand for Allied Forces, and the initials "A/BTC" stand for Airborne Training Center.  The training of paratroopers is signified by the badge.

VII Abn Corps patch
VII Abn Corps

The date and the origin of the design is unknown.

557th QM Co Air Delivery patch
557th QM Co
Air Delivery

Worn from:  Mid 1950's - 30 June 1975.

The design of the patch is taken from that of the United States Army, Europe, with the addition of the airborne tab.