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Flying helicopters is one of the coolest experiences you can ever have. I truly felt like a bird the first time I was in a helicopter and I just knew right then and there that I needed to learn to fly one.

Casper Aviation Platoon

Casper Aviation Platoon was the only separate aviation platoon in the United States Army during the Vietnam war.  Casper was organized with the 173d Airborne Brigade on Okinawa in 1963 and arrived in country with the Brigade on May 5, 1965 becoming the first United States Army ground unit committed to the Vietnam War. Casper supported the Brigade until they all left the Republic of Vietnam in August 1971.

Bruce "Snake" Crandall

Citizen, Soldier, Leader, Pilot, Ace, Hero, Husband, Athlete, Comedian, Celebrity

This site  created as a surprise with love and pride for our
father-- Fathers Day 2001


U.S. Army Attack Helicopters

Welcome to the home page of Attack Helicopter Crew Chief / Photographer Butch Lottman
The intent of this site is for educational and Links         to very interesting people I have come to know in the      field of Army Aviation. Thank you for visiting

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot Association

To enhance and accredit the cohesiveness, esprit
de corps, and traditions of valor of rotary wing aircrews that flew in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era

  • USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association

    During the Vietnam War from 1962 to 1975, helicopter crews were able to locate their fellow Marines on the ground by asking them to "pop a smoke" in the landing zon
  • Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network The Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network (VHFCN)is a non profit veterans organization dedicated to the fulfillment of the following purposes: To provide a forum for recreational communications amongst a fraternity of aircrew members who served in Vietnam during the period 1961-75. Topics cover the entire spectrum from Vietnam to reunions and everything in between

  • The DUSTOFF Association

    The DUSTOFF Association is a nonprofit organization for Army Medical Department enlisted and officer personnel, aviation crewmembers, and others who are (or ever were) engaged in (or actively supported in any capacity) Army aeromedical evacuation programs in war or peace.

  • 25th. Aviation Battalion

    This page is in honor of the many sacrifices the men of the Diamondheads and Little Bears made. Many made the ultimate sacrifice. For those this page is my way of saying thank you, for a job well done. For everyone else and the many heroic deeds they did, this is my way of giving to those who gave so much for me. Maybe it will serve as a gathering place for remembrances that in some way will help the healing process.  

  • Chinook Crews
    Looking for a crewmember you were stationed with years ago? This is the place to look!! A place where all past and present Hookers, pilots, flight engineers, crew chiefs, mechanics, TIs, & allied shops folks, can leave a current address where they can be contacted by other members of the "family".
  • 117th Assault Helicopter Company
    Throughout the Vietnam War, the 117th AHC provided support in II, III and IV Corps.  Proving their mettle, the 117th completed more Special Operations missions than any other helicopter unit in Vietnam.  The men of the 117th, flew with honor and pride into places like Tay Ninh, Dau Tieng, Bien Hoa, Bearcat, Dalat, Tuy Hoa, Qui Non, Pleiku, Kontum, Dong Ba Thin, Phan Rang, Long Binh, Phan Thiet, Tay Ninh, Ninh Hoa, Can To, Song Be, Dong Tam, Tan An, Rach Kien, Bao Loc and many, many more.

    120st Assault Helicopter Company  

    The following pages contain photos of the razorback helicopters. These are just a few of the many photos that I took while in Vietnam.The gunships were used for escorting other helicopters that carried troops into dangerous areas and provide protection for them. They were also used to help protect outposts when they were being attacked by the enemy.

    128th Assault Helicopter Company  
    We remaining members of the Tomahawks, will always remember our fallen brothers,  
    as the young warriors they were! 

    May God bless them all

     129th Assault Helicopter Company
    Thanks for visiting the site. If your interests are in the 129th, it is our hope that this site will become your spot for what is happening with the followers of the company and it's past.

    134th Assault Helicopter Company

    Then and now.  Lots of pictures. Great Stuff.

    155th Assault Helicopter Company
    The 155th AHC Association provides a quarterly newsletter, reunion information and help in locating members. The association is open to former members of the 155th AHC, all attached units, anyone assigned to Camp Coryell, and all family and friends.

    161st Assault Helicopter Company
    f you came to this website looking for the 123rd Aviation Battalion of the AMERICAL Division, then this is a good place to start.  The 161st AHC was reorganized into the 123rd AHB, and this site contains information and images during that transition period in early 1968.

    170th Assault Helicopter Company 
    The 170th Aviation Company (Light Airmobile) was activated September 1, 1965 at Fort Bennning Georgia under TOE1-77E (augmented)
    by General Order 264, Third Army Headquarters dated August 25, 1965. It consisted of a headquarters section, and armed flight platoon
    with eight (8) UH-1B helicopters, two flight lift platoons with twenty (20) UH-1D troop carriers (slicks) and a service platoon.
    The 405th Transportation Detachment (TC), 448th Signal Detachment (SD), and the 755th Medical Detachment (MD) were attached.
    173rd Assault Helicopter Company 
    A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.

    187th Assault Helicopter Company
    This site is dedicated to all the men of the Blackhawks, Crusaders, Rat Pack and all of the supporting units of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company.

    191st Assault Helicopter Company

    Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters
    This site is dedicated to the Members of the 191st Assault Helicopter Company in Viet Nam. Those who survived, and especially those that perished. We all gave something, but some gave everythin/bg.

    213th Assault Support Helicopter Company(Numba2) 
    Welcome to the official 213th Assault Support Helicopter Company Black Cat Alumni Association  - a Non-Profit organization whose purpose is to provide brotherhood and remembrance of the Vietnam Veterans that never returned.

    240th Assault Helicopter Company
    Greyhounds, Mad Dogs and Kennel Keeper

    I would like to dedicate this site, the 240th Assault Helicopter Company Flight Line, to all the members and their families for being supportive in preserving the memories and sacrifices that this unit sustained. I am also thankful for the camaraderie, brotherhood and caring we, as members, have for each other.

     242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company

    282nd Assault Helicopter Company

    498th Air Ambulance Company

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