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Army Engineer Museum
The U.S. Army Engineer Museum is tasked with the mission of collecting,
preserving, and interpreting the material culture of American military engineering

Army Engineer Association/
Army Engineer Association

The United States Army Engineers and its commercial partners have been meeting the needs of the Nation for over 225 years.
They have always answered the call, in WAR and PEACE, and have performed with great distinction.

Army Engineer Association Regimental Store

Engineer Enlisted Branch Newsletter
Welcome to the home of the Engineer Corps enlisted personnel managers.
We are one of several career branches which make up the Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD) ,
U.S. Total Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM). This newsletter is dedicated to keeping the Engineer enlisted soldiers informed. 
Our primary focus is placing the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

The Engineer Officer Candidate School Association, Inc.
The purposes of the association are:
To perpetuate the fraternity of candidates, former candidates, commanders, faculties and staffs of

Engineer Officer Candidate Schools and officer candidate school engineers.
To preserve the history, the traditions and the spirit of Engineer Officer Candidate School and officer candidate school engineers.
To hold seminars, lectures, forums and discussion groups
To promote advancement of the training of military engineers.

Bruce "Snake" Crandall
Citizen, Soldier, Leader, Pilot, Ace, Hero, Husband, Athlete, Comedian, Celebrity
This site  created as a surprise with love and pride for our
father-- Fathers Day 2001

1st Engineer Training Bde, Ft Leonard Wood, Mo.
Welcome to the 1st Engineer Brigade on-line information system. 

1st Infantry Division Engineer Bde, GERMANY
This site is provided as a public service by the 279th Base Support Battalion. It is intended to be used by the public for viewing and retrieving information only.

1st Cavalry Division Engineer Brigade

The 1st Cavalry Division Engineer Brigade is a heavily armored, subordinate unit stationed at Fort Hood, Texas as part of the U.S.
Third Mobile Armored Corps. As an element of the two "on-call" heavy contingency force divisions of the Army, the Engineer Brigade,
composed of the 8th, 20th and 91st Engineer Battalions, has an on-order mission to deploy by sea, air or land to any part of the
world on a short notice to support the manuever Regiments to destroy, neutralize, or suppress the enemy by cannon, rocket, and
missile fires and to integrate all fires into combined arms operations.

Hq & Hq Co 2nd Engineer Group (Construction)

571st Engineer Company (Dump Truck) 

& "B" Company 802nd Engineers
Camp Richmond, Korea
Kimpo Korea  K-14
and Oso-ri, Korea
When it was located close to the end of Kimpo Airbase  K-14

5th Engineer Battalion , 1st Engineer TB
Welcome to the 5th Engineer Battalion on-line headquarters. As the commander of the only Continental United States

(CONUS) Corps Mechanized Combat Engineer Battalion in the U.S. Army, I am especially privileged to lead and
train the combat engineers that are uniquely postured to provide maneuverability, counter-mobility, and survivability
upport to U.S. Combat Forces anywhere in the world.

6th Engineer Training Brigade, Fort Carson, CO
This site is provided as a public service by Fort Carson. This site is intended to be used by the public for viewing and retrieving information only.

7th Engineer Battalion
This site was intended, when I first opened it, as a 4-5 page tribute to those who served with me in Alpha Company,
7th Engineer Battalion (Combat), 1st Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized), along the DMZ in the
Republic of Viet Nam. As you will see, it has grown to include all of the periods of the Battalion's (and A Company's)
extended active duty tours from its organization in 1917 as the 7th Regiment of Engineers through the last active duty tour ending in 1992 at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

8th Engineer Battalion (Korea)
Armstrong family;  WWII-artillery;   Bullrun;   Forester;  Korean-war: Newsletters;   Vermont;  WorldWar II;    
Genealogy; 282nd,  283rd, 284th, and 512th  Field Artillery Battalions;    8th Engineer Battalion; 1st Cavalry Division;   

9TH. Engineer's
We are a divisional mechanized combat engineer unit, composed of three line companies and a headquarters company.
Our mission is to provide moblity, counter-mobility, and Survivability support for the 2nd Dagger Brigade with well
trained Combat Engineers ready to deploy anywhere at any time.

11th Engineer Base

13th Engineer (C) Battalian
The purpose of this association is to keep the memory of the 13th Engineer's alive and  well and to remember those
that made the ultimate sacrifice for FREEDOM

14th Engineer Battalion
On order, the 14th Combat Engineer Battalion (Corps) deploys and conducts engineer operations as a member
of the combined arms team.

15TH Combat Engineer's
This Site Is For All Veterans
To Visit, Publish And Reminisce
God Bless America and watch over our Troops

18th Engineer's 71-72
Rememberance    Pow/Mia's Robert Jenne, Imlay Widdison,Jerry Shriver

19th Engineers (Vietnam)

20th Engineer Bde, 82nd Airborne Division, Ft Bragg, 

20th Engineer Regiment (WWI)

20th Engineer Regiment was a  Forest Engineer Regiment that provided construction materials (mainly cut timber and lumber)
to the American Expeditionary Forces in France in World War One.27th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Airborne)

27th Land Clearing Team
The "JUNGLE EATERS" of the 27th LCT were a bunch of young rough and tumble guys,
we were a "get it done" outfit. We were dirty, unshaven, needed haircuts, didn't wear shirts or socks when we
could get away with it. We were "ROME PLOW" operators, we treated our plows as if they were our girlfriends/wives back home.

29th Engineer Bn.
The 29th Engineer Battalion, one of two active topographic battalions, is the oldest of all U.S. military mapping units,
celebrating 75 years of distinguished service to the nation.

30TH. Engineer's

35th Engineer Battalion , 1st Engineer TB
MISSION: Conduct basic combat training, combat engineer and bridge crewmember One Station Unit Training (OSUT),
51/63 Career Management Field (CMF) Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and Army values training to TRADOC
standards at Fort Leonard Wood to prepare soldiers for assignment to the total Army.

36th Engineer Battalion Association Viet Nam

37th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Airborne)"Eagle Battalion"

40TH. Engineer's(Mech)

42nd Engineer Battalion (Const)

42nd Engineers (14th Battalion, 20th  Engineers)
10th Engrs   41st Engrs ][ 42nd Engrs ] 43rd Engrs ]
The Forty Second Engineers (Fourteenth Battalion, Twentieth Engineers)

42nd Engineer < Battalion, 172nd Seperate In
The 42nd Engineer Battalion (Construction) was attached to Alaska Command at Fort Richardson, close to Anchorage during the 50's.
   Its various missions were to build the early warning system also known as the DEW line,and to build radar tracking triple "AAA" sites.

46th Engineer/Taskforce Builders

49TH. Engineer's Section QuarterMaster

51st Engineer Combat Battalion
The 51st is one of the fastest growing groups on the east coast, we are always glad to hear from new people interested in getting involved with this exciting hobby!

52nd Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy), Ft Carson, 
Take a tour through the United States Army's 
First Tri-Component Unit located at Fort Carson, Colorado.

54th Engineer Battalion , 1st ID

59th Land Clearing Company

60th Eng. (LC), 62nd Eng. Bn.
War is not the best place to be, BUT with this tough KICK A*S bunch of "Jungle Eaters" it was bearable.


65TH. Engineer Bn.

70th Combat Engineer Battalion
Veterans who served in Vietnam 1965-1969(An Khe, Pleiku and elsewhere)
We are looking for other veterans of A Company as well as their family members.

82TH. Engineer Bn.

86th Engineer Battalion (Vietnam

100th Engineer Company Float Bridge

Viet Nam

This site is dedicated to those with whom I have served and who have served with the 100th Engineer Company (Float Bridge). 
While most of these photos are from my collection and tour of duty, I will gladly include others. 
There is very little information regarding the 100th available on the web.  This is my small attempt to change that ..

Richard M. Ramire

tour of duty ... June 1968 - July 1969

104th Engineer Association
The purpose of the 104th Engineer Association is to perpetuate the goals and ideals of the former 104th Engineer Battalion

and the New Jersey Army National Guard, and to support the United States Army and the Army National Guard in word and deed within the capabilities and resources of the Association.

107th Engineer Battalion

108th Combat Engineer Battalion (WWII)

111th Combat Engineer Battalion

115th Engineer Battalion, UTARNG

Looking for excellent job skills, money for college, travel and excitement, or a chance to serve your community and country, then the 115th Engineer Battlion is for you.

119th Armored Engineer Battalion

130TH. Engineer Brigade

132ND. Engineer Bn.

141st Engineer Combat Battalion 

150th Combat Engineer Battalion
This web site has over 310 pages, 950 pictures, 1 movie, dozens of stories, and 18 awards.

168th Engineer Battalion: The Rhine Crossing
In the 12th Army Group Engineer Report on the Rhine crossing, General Patrick Timothy wrote: "No greater tribute can be paid to the engineers
of Third Army than the successful accomplishment of assault crossings in the Great Rhine Gorge.

169th Engineer Battalion , 1st Engineer TB
We are committed to training excellence and sustaining the total Army Force with highly trained, disciplined, motivated and loyal soldiers
that provide unparalleled Combat Engineer and Bridge Crewmembers support to the Total Army.


Part of the Brigade support of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. The first independent light infantry brigade in the U.S. Army was activated 15 of September

1965 at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

The new 196th Brigade contained 3800 soldiers.

From 1966-1972   20,000 soldiers passed through the ranks of

The 196th Brigade in Vietnam, 1,200 did not return

181ST. Engineer Bn.

190TH. Combat Engineer's

194TH. Engineer Brigade

216TH. Engineer Combat Bn.(Heavy)   

224TH. Engineer Bn.

244th Engineer Battalion Combat (Heavy)

The mission of the 244th Engineer Combat Battalion is to deploy to anywhere in the world and accomplish numerous engineering tasks.
These tasks include construction, road building and repair, surveying, plumbing, carprntry, electrical, rock crushing and demolitions.

249th Engineer Bn (USACE)
A Celebration that welcomes current and past members of
the 249th Engineer Battalion: Combat, Construction,
and Prime Power; and all past Power Production
organizations such as FESA and the 535th Engineer

264th Engineer Group

295th. Combat Engineer Bn.

299th Engineer Company, Assault Float Bridge 

321 Engineer Battalion (CCM)

325th Engineer Combat Battalion

326TH.  Engineer Bn.

353RD. Engineer Bn.

362nd Engineer Company (Light Equipment)

371st Engineer Construction Battalion of WWII

388th Engineer Battalion

416th Engineer Command

463rd Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy)

467th Engineer Battalion

488th Engineer Light Pontoon Company

489th Engineer Battalion, Company C, USAR
As mechanized engineers, we offer the United States highley-trained and motivated soldiers to accomplish any mission required for
the protection of our nation and preservation of our freedom. If you are a Combat Engineer, or an Engineer Branched Officer
looking for a new home, check out our unit. You can contact our local recruiter at (870) 741-6257 or call the unit direct at (870) 741-8157.

533rd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment
This page has been developed as an introduction to the service record of the 533rd EB&SR which served in the southwest Pacific during World War II.
It now contains rosters with nearly 4000 entries.

538th Landclearing Company   
Roger Briggs, Plow Operator....
During the summer of 2000, Roger Briggs began his journey to locate the men of the 538th Engineer Company (LC) 
with a list of 12 names and a dream.  By November of 2002, 150 men had been located and two reunions were held. 
The dream continues on through the men, that he brought back together, and the memory of:

December 11, 1948 - November 1, 2002
All that knew him, loved him
Army Engineer Association Infantry Brigade,  Alaska THE 175th COMBAT ENGINEERS

544th Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment

554th Engineer Battalion, 1st Engineer TB
The distinguished history of this battalion spans over 30 years of service to this nation
and includes exceptionally meritorious performance in both World War II and the Vietnam War.

555th Combat Engineer Group

562d Engineer Co, 172d Separate Infantry Brigade, Alaska588th588th
Deploy rapidly with 172d Infantry Brigade (Separate) world wide as directed.
Support the brigade with mobility, countermobility, and survivability tasks in combat.
Perform infantry combat missions when required, and be able to perform all missions in an arctic environment

HHC, 577th Engineer Battalion SAPPER LEADER COURSE

The term Sapper can be traced back as far as 1501 during the siege of Roven during the French Wars. 
Sappers throughout time have proven their abilities to build and repair fortifications, execute field works,
and reform the countryside with demolitions and heavy equipment to weaken the enemy and lead the infantry to victory on the battlefield.

585th Engineer Company (DT) Association

588th Combat Engineer Bn.
Dedicated to the soldiers who have served in the 588th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Army), and its predecessor, the 388th Engineer Battalion (1942-1954)

594th Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment

643rd. Engineer Company
Message Board, Pictures, Chat. Come visit the new site of the
643rd.  Be a member again.

648th Engineer Bn.
This web site is created for the use of the general public and the soldiers of this battalion. 
The 648TH is dedicated to ensuring that our soldiers are consistently provided up to date
information on Training, Personnel & Administration, and Logistics.  We also hope to provide
general information Combat Engineers, the Georgia Army National Guard, and the U.S. Military

682nd Engineer Battalion C Company,

697th Engineer Company (Pipeline)
A site for former members and others to read the history of the unit starting with World War II and ending

during the Viet Nam Conflict. Has a chat Room and message board.

809th Engineer Battalion Home Page

The 809th Engineer Battalion was one of two battalions assigned under the 44th Engineer Group,

Nakhorn Ratchasima (Korat), Thailand. The second being the 538th located near Sattahip, Thailand.

815th Engineer Battalion (Const)
I built this webpage to help members of the 815th. Battalion
to find friends and comrades who served with them in Viet Nam
from the time the unit left Ft. Belvoir, Va.

815th Community at MSN
This site is open to any 815th Engineer Battalion veteran of any grade - EM, WO or commissioned officer. 
And interested friends as well. Hopefully we'll hear from 815th veterans of all years.  If we are really lucky
we may hear from a WWII 815th veteran.  Your participation is needed to make this site a great one

834th Engineer Company

844th Engineer Battalion, USAR

857th Engineer Aviation Battalion
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, Karl Rittmann, a senior at the Rhode Island School
of Design, put his education on hold and enlisted in the Army.  Following Officers Training in Virginia, Lieutenant

Rittmann was off to the Pacific theater where he was assigned to the 857th Aviation Engineers.
The images on this page are some of the drawings Karl produced during his time in the Pacific.

858th Engineer Aviation Battalion (WWII)

864th Engineer Battalion
On order, the 864th Engr. Bn. deploys and conducts general engineering operations in support of Army operations.

876th Engineer Battalion

C Company,

878th Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy)

937th Engineer Group, Fort Riley, Ks
On order, the 937th Engineer Group (Combat) deploys, establishes command and control of assigned forces,
and conducts mobility, survivability and sustainment engineering operations in support of worldwide contingency operations, while protecting and sustaining the force

984th Land Clearing Company


The Battalion was activated 1 November 1965 at Marine Corps Base. Camp Pendleton, California.
The nucleus was formed of experienced Marine engineers with many years of training and experience.
First to form were Headquarters Company and Service Company with a tots! Battalion strength numbering 30
officers and 93 enlisted Marines as the building program began. During the following month on 13 December,
the four remaining engineer companies, A, B, C and D were activated and by 31 December, the number of
personnel had increased to 43 officers and 790 enlisted Marines, reassigned from almost every station of the Marine Corp.

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