Benefits Available
To Service Connected Veterans


0% SC and Higher

Home loan Guaranty Certificate of Eligibility

Service Disabled Veterans Life Insurance. Must file within 2 years from initial notice of Service connected disability. ($10,000 of insurance only)

Outpatient treatment for: (1) service connected conditions, and (2) for all medical conditions if enrolled in VA healthcare program. Co-payment for treatment may apply for non-service connected conditions.

Travel allowance for scheduled appointment for care of service connected conditions at VA Medical Centers, and out-patient clinics. (Eligibility based on the distance traveled of 25 miles or more or a veteran’s income.)

Medical treatment for any condition: Enrollment in a VA health care program is encouraged but not required for treatment of a service connected condition. (A co-payment will apply for treatment of non-service connected conditions, and prescription drugs)

Prosthetic Devices: for service connected conditions, to include but not limited too wheelchairs, canes, crutches, hospital beds, Nebulizer, oxygen tanks, and electric scooters, the issue of any prosthetic devices requires a VA Doctors prescription.

Medical Treatment in non-VA facilities for service connected conditions with an authorized fee-basis card issued by the VA Medical Center. (Certain restrictions apply.)

Ten Point Civil Service Preference (10 points added to Civil Service test score only after veterans achieves at least 70 on a test.)

Annual Clothing Allowance of $586.00 for veterans with a service connected condition that requires the use of a prosthetic or orthopedic appliance (artificial limbs, braces, wheelchairs) or use prescribed medications for a skin condition which tend to wear, tear, or soil clothing. The items used must be prescribed and dispensed at a VA Medical Center.

Temporary ratings of 100%, based on the hospitalization for a service connected disability requiring at least one month of convalescence or immobilization by cast.

Dental treatment for: (1) service connected dental condition, or (2) follow-up dental treatment which has begun while hospitalized at a VA Medical Center, or any former Prisoner of War with 90 consecutive days or more of confinement. Some restrictions may apply.

Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Program: Administered by the Prosthetics Depart at VA Medical Facilities. For medically required improvements and/or structural changes to the veteran’s residence. This Grant requires a VA Doctor’s prescription. Service connected veterans can receive up too a $4,100 grant. Non-Service connected veterans may receive a grant up to $1,200. The grant is to be used for allowing entrance or exit improvements for residence, essential lavatory and sanitary facilities, kitchen and bathroom accessibility to sinks and counters. This grant is not for complete remodeling of a veterans bath or kitchen.

10% SC and Higher, all of the above plus:

Vocational Rehabilitation which includes full medical and dental care, a substance allowance in addition to disability payments, payment for all required school related supplies and direct payment of tuition.

Funding Fee waived for Home loan Guaranty loans.

30% SC and Higher, all of the above plus:

Addition compensation for dependents (Spouse, children, adopted children, and dependent parents)

Non-Competitive Civil Service appointment: Job appointment without the requirement of an interview.

Affirmative action in employment: A disabled veteran cannot be passed over to hire a non-disabled veteran or non-veteran unless at least three interviews have been conducted by the employer.

Additional allowance for a spouse who is a patient in a nursing home: (Helpless or blind, or so nearly helpless as to require the aid and attendance of another person.)

40% SC and Higher, all of the above plus:

Automobile Grant: (TheVeterans’ Benefits Act of 2010(H.R. 3219, as amended), includes the following:

Raises an automobile assistance benefit for disabled veterans from $11,000 to $18,900.) Veteran must have a service connected loss of one hand, or one foot, or permanent loss of use of one hand or one foot, or a permanent impairment of vision of both eyes. A veteran must be rated for loss of use before this is granted.

Payment of special adaptive automobile equipment: In addition to the automobile grant. Veteran must be entitled to the automobile grant as outlined above, or have a service connected ankylosis (immobility) of one knee or one hip. (This requires a VA Doctor’s prescription for the adaptive equipment and can include; an automatic transmission, air conditioner, hand controls, power brakes, hand brakes, cruise control, ramps or wheelchair lifts, and any other adaptive equipment the doctor may deem necessary.)

50% SC or Higher, all of the above plus:

Medical treatment for any condition at VA Medical Centers: Enrollment in a VA health care program is encouraged but not required for treatment of a service connected condition. No co- payments for treatment of non-service connected care or non-service connected prescription drugs.

Medical treatment in non-VA facilities: for any service connected medical condition with a fee basis card issued to the veteran by an authorized VA Medical Center.

60-90% SC or Higher, all of the above plus:

Individual Unemployability (increased compensation) payable at the 100% rate based on the inability to work due to service connected disability.

100% or Individual Unemployability, all of the above plus:

Dental treatment

Educational Assistance for Dependents: (under chapter 35)

Civilian health and medical program for dependents/survivors (CHAMPVA)

Specially Adapted Homes: Grants Up to 50% of the cost of the home but not more than $46,000, for building, buying or remodeling adaptive homes or paying indebtedness on an existing home. Veteran must be entitled to compensation for permanent and total service connected disability due to: (1) the loss or loss of use of both lower extremities or (2) disability which includes blindness in both eyes, having only light perception, plus loss or loss of use of one lower extremity, or (3) loss or loss of use of one lower extremity together with residuals of organic disease or injury, or (4) loss or loss of use one upper extremity which so effects the balance as to preclude locomotion without using braces, canes, crutches, or a wheelchair. Veteran must be rated and approved for this grant.

Specially Adapted homes: Grants up to $8,250.00, for the cost to adapt a veteran’s home or to acquire a residence that is already adapted with special features for the veteran’s disability. Veteran must be entitled to compensation for permanent and total service connected disability due to: (1) blindness in both eyes with a 5/200 visual acuity or less, OR (2) anatomical loss or loss of use of both hands. Veteran must be rated and approved for this grant.

Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance: Decreasing term mortgage insurance up to $90,000 for veterans who have received a Specially Adaptive Housing grant and have an existing mortgage.

Waiver of cost of Service Disabled life Insurance: and addition $10,000 of life insurance at cost to veteran. Veteran must have applied for insurance within two years of initial disability rating or within two years of a new disability rating. An increase in a disability rating does not qualify as a new disability.

Commissary and Exchange privileges for veteran and dependants: The veteran must request a letter from the VA specifying veteran is in receipt of 100% disability, and then applies for a military ID card at the nearest ID card issuing facility.

Emergency treatment in non-VA facilities: if VA facilities are not available.

Annual Eye exams and prescribed eyewear

Compensation higher than the 100% rate:

Special Compensation: Veteran must be rated for Special Compensation due to the loss of limbs, eyesight, aid and attendance, housebound, or two separate medical conditions that are rated 60% each or 100% each.

If retired Military: and rated 70-100% within four years of a 20 or more year retirement retiree receives, 70-80% $100.00, 90%-$200, 100%-$300. This compensation is paid from the retiree’s military service branch.

Special Compensation for Severely Disabled

Under a brand new law, certain severely disabled retirees of the uniform services that have a disability rating as reported by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are entitled to special compensation. The special compensation is paid for that month in accordance with the following schedule:

  • 70% or 80% = $100.00
  • 90% = $200.00
  • 100% = $300.00 

You must meet the following requirements for entitlement to special compensation for severely disabled:

  • You are NOT retired from the military for a disability.
  • You are in a retired status and on the retired pay rolls. Members recalled for more then 30 days to active duty are not in a retired status.
  • You have 20 or more years of service for the purpose of computing retired pay. A reservist must have 7,200 or more points to qualify.
  • The VA rating for disability of m70% or higher must be awarded within 4 years of retirement.
  • The VA rating must be 70% or higher for each month. If the rating falls below 70% any given month, then the retiree has no entitlement to special compensation for that month.

When/How You Get Paid

Unlike active duty pay, retired/retainer pay is only paid once per month. Your net retired/retainer pay should be sent to your financial institution by Direct Deposit unless you either reside in a foreign country, which Direct Deposit is not available. Your retired pay will be deposited to your account on the first business day of the month following the end of the month.

Your first payment for retired pay normally will arrive 30 days after your release from active duty, or, on the first business day of the month following the month of first entitlement to pay. In a separate mailing, you will receive a letter which will show you how your pay was computed. This will include your deductions for SBP, federal/state income tax, and allotments.

After you retire, you will need to notify The Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS) whenever you change your financial institution. Do not close your old bank account until you receive the first deposit in the new financial institution.

Foreign Employment

Any applicant who accepts employment with a foreign government without approval is subject to having reserve or retired pay withheld for the period of unauthorized employment.

If you are retired and contemplating employment by a foreign government, you must obtain approval from the Secretary of the service concerned and the Secretary of State. For more information contact:

  • Navy - The Office of the Judge Advocate General, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria, VA 22332-2100.
  • Air Force - HQ AFMPC/DPMARR3, 550 C Street West, Suite 11, Randolph AFB TX 78150-4713.
  • Marine - HQMC (MMSR-6), 2 Navy Annex, Washington, D.C. 20380-1775 or call 1-800-336-4629 if there are any questions. 
  • Army - U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Command, Attn: ARPC-SFR-SCI, 1 Reserve Way, St. Louis, MO 63132-5200.

This list was compiled from VA Documents, and does not list all benefits a veteran may be eligible for. For further information and/or application procedures concerning these and other benefits consult with the Veterans Affairs at 1-800-827-1000 or procede to this link: