Navada Eagle

Withdrawing from their thrust into the A Shau Valley, the Screaming Eagles concentrated their efforts refining their already famous cordon tactics into a new artillery preparation followed by air strikes.  While this procedure eliminated much of the hostile fire power, it also meant considerable damage to the enclosed terrain and structures.
Under the new concept, a minimum of artillery and air power was to be used.  In its place, tight encirclements and surprise tactics were employed to trap any enemy elements in the suspected area.  A prime example of this new concept was the operation around Vinh Loc district.
A superb example of careful prior planning and close coordina- tion between allied units, the battle of Vinh Loc lasted 10 days. During that time 153 enemy were killed, 178 individual and crew- served weapons captured and 370 prisoners taken, of which 126 were identified as members of the local Viet Cong infrastructure.  In addition, 56 Hoi Chanhs rallied to the South Vietnamese Government and 139 enemy soldiers volunteered for the ARVN forces.
Immediately following the close of the operation, two Vietnamese revolutionary development teams moved into Vinh Loc district to help the people resettle.  Since then, Regional and Popular Forces have been assigned to protect the district and its people.
Following the operation in Vinh Loc district, the Division carried it fight to all fields with an aggressive Chieu Hoi program, coupled with extensive civil affairs projects.
The Division's lone southern brigade rejoined the Screaming Eagles in I Corps.  They soon deployed to Camp Evans as the 1st Air Cavalry Division moved south to another area.
With all the Screaming Eagles fighting together for the first time in the same operation, enemy units continued to avoid contact with the searching paratroopers.  The lull in fighting aided units in continuing their civil affairs projects and the PsyOps effort.
The increased emphases in the Hoi Chanh program brought the Screaming Eagle teams 231 ralliers during the month of September and a record of 251 ralliers in October.
Operation Nevada Eagle ended Feb. 28, 1969.  The Division accounted for 3,299 enemy killed 798 VC and 55 NVA prisoners, and 3,702 weapons captured.
More than 667 tons of rice was seized, succeeding Nevada Eagle is Operation Kentucky Jumper, which leaped off with another Screaming Eagle thrust into the A Shaw Valley, Coded Massachusetts Striken.



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