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Jeb Stuart

Just prior to the TET Offensive, the units of the 2nd Brigade deployed north to I Corps to join the 1st Air Cavalry Division in Operation Jeb Stuart.  Initially landing and setting up at the PhuBai airfield, the 2nd Brigade troopers started search operations immediately and soon moved north to LZ Sally.  At the outbreak of the TET Offensive, 2nd Brigade troopers under the operational control of the 1st Cav, shared the fighting in the battle of QuangTri and Hue, killing 94 enemy who had tried to penetrate Screaming Eagle defenses.
    During the following weeks the score of enemy killed and captured mounted as 2nd Brigade troopers cleaned out resistance in numerous villages between Hue and Quang Tri.  The 1st Bn.,502nd Abn. Inf. launched a road clearing operation along Highway 1 south of Quang Tri.  Villagers pinpointed as NVA battalion in an ambush site for the troopers.
    Calling in artillery and gunships, the "First Strike" paratroopers blocked escape routes.  As the NVA fled the bombardment, the infantrymen ripped into the enemy with withering fire.  When the battle ended, 72 enemy bodies lay in front of the paratroopers' positions.
 With the offensive blunted near Saigon, the 1st Brigade was airlifted to I Corps.  In two weeks, the troopers had cleared the route following Highway 547 to the A Shau Valley.  A firebase, Birmingham, was established 16 km from the NOVA stronghold, to support the driving paratroopers, who continued to push westward through the mountains.  Enemy supply routes were cut, troop movements were interrupted, and arms caches were uncovered by the onrushing troopers.
    Operation Jeb Stuart ended with the TET lunar offensive nullified.  In 40 days of bitter fighting over 1000 of the infiltrating and VC were killed.  Battles along Highway 1 and the" Street without Joy" became mourning grounds for the 812th NVA Regiment and the 324th NVA Division.