SSG Joe Hooper

On March 7, 1969 Staff  Sergeant Joe R. Hooper received the Medal for hisactions near Hue while a squad leader with Co. D, 2nd Bn., 501st Abn., Inf.  On February 21, 1968 Sgt. Hooper's unit was assaulting a well armed enemy position and was engaged by heavy rocket and automatic weapons fire.  Hooper destroyed several bunkers then turned to help the wounded, removing them to safety.  He was seriously wounded, but refused medical aid and returned to his men.  Hooper then destroyed three enemy bunkers and killed two enemy soldiers.  He destroyed four more buildings housing the enemy and killed an NVA Officer.  Although his wound was compounded by grenade fragments, Hooper gathered more grenades and charged a line of bunkers, destroying them as he ran by, and killed an enemy soldier and three more NVA officers in close combat.  He reorganized his unit, choosing not to be evacuated for treatment until the next morning.



Lt. James A. Gardner

On October 19, 1968, the Medal of Honor was presented to Mrs. Joella Garner Rosler of Clarksville, Tenn., for her former husband's "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action..." on February 7, 1966.  While a platoon leader with the 1st Bn., 327th Abn., Inf., 1st Lt. James A. Gardner led his platoon against heavily armed and well dug in enemy bunker positions in the village of My Canh.  Lt. Garnder ran from bunker to bunker throwing grenades and firing his rifle.  As he approached the fourth enemy position, he was severely wounded, but continued the attack, destroying two more of the bunkers and inspiring his men to rout the enemy.