Richard O'Daniel

C Co. 62nd.Engr. Bn.  66-67

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 I'm not sure but I think we were on the boats for about a week. I think we waited 3 days at the mouth of the Siagon River waiting for down river traffic to clear, So we could go up river to Saigon.....




The 62nd was a short time span (one yr.) in my life, But I will never forget the time I spent with those guys. It's just impossible to recount all the things that happend to me..Meeting the ROK Marines at midnight 5 miles from compound on a dark road.. Being called out in the middle of the night because someone attacked an ammo dump I did not even know exist....Spending the night on the road to De Lot in the middle of nowhere. Pulling security on a small bridge, waiting for more 62 guys to come and repair it.We did it ALL and did not wait on anyone else. 



These were the guys I spent most of my time with in Viet Nam .....Will answer all e-mail, from anyone .....Richard....Charlie Co. Jeep driver..... (Nick name.." Reb or "OD" )   Would love to here from anyone .......THANKS FOR YOUR SITE!!!!    Richard..... E-Mail


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