Nils Florman                  

I served Hq.&Hq. Co. 62nd.Engr. Bn. 65-66

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I was assigned to HHC, 62 EBC at Ft. Leonard Wood in January, 1965 as a radio operator, and shipped out with the Battalion in August, first on the troop train to Oakland (at our stop in Salt Lake City, a couple of buddies and I managed to sneak off and buy a case of beer) and of course the good old USNS Gen. R.M. Blatchford (I swear I'll never forget that name!). After we landed at Cam Ranh, I was assigned by the Commo officer, Lt. Messer, to go to Phan Rang with the advance party. Since I was the only commo guy in

 the advance party, communications with Battalion back in Cam Ranh were my sole resposibility, a situation that scared the hell out of me!! After my tour was up in August '66, I flew commercial from
 Tan Son Nhut to Clark, to Oakland. I was too short to reassign, so I was REFRADed and sent home.
The war is still with me however, as I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January, 2001. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs recently approved me for Service Connected Disability for the cancer based on my exposure to Agent Orange in Nam.


USNS General R. M. Blatchford 


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